“31 Days to Start Freelancing”

An article written by http://thesavvyfreelancer.com

Whether you’re just starting out in freelancing, or would like to make your freelancing biz more profitable, these tips and advice will help you make a living as a freelancer and actually enjoy it.

31 Days to Start a Freelancing Business (or Make Yours a Better one) is the step-by-step guide I wish I had when I was starting out, fresh from my full-time office job of 14 years. I would have gladly paid for such a guide.

Well, guess what? Here it is, for you, for free.

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Here are the links to each of the posts in this series:

Day 1. Make an Inventory of Your Freelancing Skills

Day 2. Examine Your Freelancing Resources

Day 3. Set Your Freelancing Goals

Day 4. Get Inside Your Client’s Head

Day 5. What’s Your Story?

Day 6. Quick Check on Your Competitors

Day 7. Make Your Menu of Services

Day 8. Set Your Freelancing Rates

Day 9. Your Day to Shine

Day 10. Money Matters

Day 11. Get Proof of Your Freelancing Prowess

Day 12. Build Your Freelancing Portfolio

Day 13. Establish Your Web Presence

Day 14. Install Your WordPress Site

Day 15. 10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Your Freelancing Website

Day 16. 7 Essential Pages for Your Freelancing Website (Part 1)

Day 17. 7 Essential Pages for Your Freelancing Website (Part 2)

Day 18. Make Your Client Communication Templates

Day 19. Tracking Your Freelancing Income and Expenses

Day 20. Make a Marketing Plan for Your Freelancing Biz

Day 21. Start Networking to Find Clients

Day 22. Twitter for Freelancers

Day 23. Finding Clients in Blogs

Day 24. Get More Social Proof for Your Freelancing Biz

Day 25. Expand Your Online Portfolio

Day 26. Creating Content for Your Online Portfolio

Day 27. Get More Exposure on Other Blogs

Day 28. Cold Calling to Find Clients – Yikes!

Day 29. To Find Clients, Give Away Useful Stuff

Day 30. Monitoring Your Freelance Progress

Day 31. Compete in the Freelancing Marketplace

If you want to read more about the article you can go on this usefull website: http://thesavvyfreelancer.com/31-days-to-start-freelancing

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